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All About July Birthstone

Were you born in July? If you were born in July then you’re lucky to have the July birthstone ruby! It’s radiant sparkle is perfect to ring in the summer. Birthstone jewelry makes the perfect gift for any loved ones that were born in July. Giving someone their birthstone is such a thoughtful and beautiful gift! Want to learn more about rubies? Keep reading to see why these beautiful gems would make a great gift for a loved one!

What is a Ruby?

Did you know that rubies often have the highest per-carat price when compared to any colored gemstone? Therefore, the ruby is considered one of the most important gems in its market. In its most basic form, the mineral corundum is colorless Trace elements that become part of the mineral’s crystal structure cause variations in its color. Chromium is the trace element that is found in the ruby that cause ruby's red color.

The History of Rubies

Throughout history, rubies have been revered as an important gemstone. In fact, the ancient language of Sanskrit calls a ruby "Ratnaraj" or "King of Precious stones." In addition, rubies are often mentioned in the bible and are associated with wisdom and beauty. Some people throughout history believed that the bright red color of the ruby was actually a flame within the gem that could not be put out.

Buying the July Birthstone Ruby

When looking for the perfect ruby jewelry the most important factor is color, you want to find a ruby that has a deep saturation of color. The reds in rubies can fluctuate from warm ginger reds to deep scarlet reds. And although the bright candy apple red may be considered the highest quality by gemologist it honestly should come down to your personal preference.


Below ring is 4mm Brilliant round cut solitaire ring.

Color option available of your choice.


Ruby and diamond ring.

The rubies in this ruby and diamond ring really pop! And the oval shape is just unconventional enough to make it unique without being too out there. This ring consist of 8*6 MM Oval Simulated Ruby with 2mm Round Zircon. This ring would make a lovely gift for anyone born in July or for a mother with a child born in July.

Check out our selection of ruby jewellery Today!

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